Welcome to Roger's Golf

This web site is for the exclusive use of members Woodmont's Ahlstrom Group.

  • After logging in, you will see a calendar-type display.
  • Any upcoming play date for which I have successfully obtained tee time will offer the following data:
    1. Play Date
    2. Name of Golf Course
    3. Tee times available
    4. Signup Button
    5. Roster button
    6. If you are already signed up, the day will be shaded green, and you will have a cancel button.
  • Joining a round - all you have to do is click Signup, and fill out the form that pop up.
  • The signup deadline for any round is 7pm EST two days before play.

That's it. Once you are signed up, you can click the Roster button to see who else is signed up for that round, and a Pairings button will appear if it's after the signup deadline and the pairings have been published.

Questions: Email Roger here: herorog@mindspring.com

How to use the Signup calendar:

*To close the pairing popup window, just click anywhere in the screen outside the popup window.
*There is no automation for pairing revisions, they are done manually. If you cancel your game after I've issued the pairings, the new pairings will not show up until I manually edit them.


Check out this alternate display idea (it's not functional). Which do you like better? Columnar Display